Children’s folk dance group Rostok

Children's folk dance group Rostok. Ukrainian dance.Children's folk dance group Rostok. Ukrainian folk  festival.Children's folk dance group Rostok. Children's Art School ¹3, Ukraine.

We invite you and your children to the magical world of choreography. At our ensemble at lessons classical, folk, dance, ballroom and modern dance, children learn the basics with experienced teachers. Dancing for children is the best way of harmonious development: spiritual and physical as well. Children's choreography forms aesthetic taste, good posture, sophistication and elegance of movement, develops sense of rhythm, coordination, dance and musical skills. On the site pages you can find the history of creation of the choreographic group, teaching staff, our creative achievements, rules of behavior and training, find out the latest news about our the concert activity, read the author's articles. Contacts us, leave your feedbacks; come to our friendly dance group. Art director and choreographer: Lola Verlan (Honcharuk). Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Vladimira Mayakovskogo Avenue 39, Kyiv children’s school of arts ¹3 (Troeshcheena district).

Children’s dance group Rostok(Ukraine).

History of group foundation
Children’s choreographic ensemble of folk dance Rostok was founded in 1999. Over these years, more than 1000 children from 4 to 16 years studied in the dance group.

art director of children's dance ensemble Rostok.

Our teachers
Lola Verlan - choreographer, art director of children's dance ensemble Rostok, teacher of Kiev Children's Art School ¹ 3.