Dress code for dance


Ensemble Rostok has special uniform and shoes for attending classes.

Dress code for girls 10-16 years old.
Dress code for girls 4-9 years old.

For girls 4-9 years old: white gymnastic leotard (preferably cotton based), white socks or tights (depending on season), elastic band on a waist (3 cm), ballet flats. Combed head, a tight knot of hair.

For girls 10-16 years: black gymnastic leotard, white socks or tights, dance shoes (folk dance), ballet shoes (classical dance), «Jazz» shoes (contemporary dance). Combed head, a tight knot of hair.

Boys: white t-shirt, black leotard (short or long), white socks, ballet shoes.
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Dress code for children 4-9 years old.